Bring These Four Centers into #Balance to #Achieve #Happiness | DOUBLEPACK TV

by Brittany Learning Mind When striving to find happiness, you need to be able to find a balance in yourself. While finding this balance includes external factors, it is how events impact you and your perception that can throw your center of well-being off balance. Some of the most fundamental centers are family, love, self, […]

#WOW #POW Dandelion tea obliterates cancer cells |DOUBLEPACK TV

by Lori Alton NaturalHealth365 Those bright yellow weeds blooming all over suburban lawns each spring may soon be known as more than just a springtime nuisance. A proposed clinical study will look at the potential cancer-killing properties of dandelion root extract in hopes of mirroring the promising results already seen in lab studies. Dr. Siyaram […]

#Dirt is NOT Dirty – How Playing in the Dirt Benefits the Immune System |DOUBLEPACK TV

by Alexandra Du Toit Wake Up World At present, our culture is overly obsessive about germs, cleanliness, and hygiene. Parents are constantly washing their children’s hands, using antibacterial soap, alcohol tinged wipes or changing them the second they have dirt on their clothes. I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I […]

This is What Happens To The Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt |DOUBLEPACK TV

by Amanda Ennett Imagine everyone sitting down for a big family feast. The best china set gently upon silk cloth, crystals brimming with fresh apple-cinnamon-ginger juice. An array of baked, steamed and sautéed vegetables decorate the table. Suddenly Grandma reaches for the salt, startled she rears back and exclaims, “Why is the salt PINK?!” […]