#WOW #POW Dandelion tea obliterates cancer cells |DOUBLEPACK TV

by Lori Alton NaturalHealth365 Those bright yellow weeds blooming all over suburban lawns each spring may soon be known as more than just a springtime nuisance. A proposed clinical study will look at the potential cancer-killing properties of dandelion root extract in hopes of mirroring the promising results already seen in lab studies. Dr. Siyaram […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Ginger Tea & How To Make Ginger Tea |DOUBLEPACK TV

Feel free to try this ginger drink that will help go through the autumn days without getting common cold or flu. Health benefits of ginger tea: It strengthens the immune system Fastens recovery when sick Smoothes stomach irritations Has a favorable impact onthe nervoussystem Stimulates intestines work, soothes flatulence Stimulates circulation It will warm you […]