7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Ginger Tea & How To Make Ginger Tea |DOUBLEPACK TV

Feel free to try this ginger drink that will help go through the autumn days without getting common cold or flu. Health benefits of ginger tea: It strengthens the immune system Fastens recovery when sick Smoothes stomach irritations Has a favorable impact onthe nervoussystem Stimulates intestines work, soothes flatulence Stimulates circulation It will warm you […]

Honey & Ginger Kill Superbugs Better Than Pharmaceutical Meds | DOUBLEPACK TV

Christina Sarich – Natural Society | Bacteria have been morphing into resistant strains of superbugs that make it very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to keep up with them, but research coming out of Ethiopia’s College of Medicine at the University of Gondar proves we don’t need Big Pharma to treat diseases that it ironically helped to […]