10 Young People Who Are Changing The Food System For The Better|DOUBLEPACK TV

Food Tank | Innovations in agriculture don’t just come from veteran environmentalists or food industry heavyweights. In fact, many incredibly inspiring projects are the creations of youth and young people around the world. Food Tank is excited to highlight ten young foodies who make us more hopeful about the future. 1-2. Nikhil Arora and Alex Velez, 26 […]

Ron Finley: “Growing Your Own Food is Like Printing Your Own Money!” | DOUBLEPACK TV

There are approximately 50 million Americans currently on food stamps or receiving some form of government assistance due to poverty. Ron Finley is a self proclaimed Guerilla Gardener from South Los Angeles, which he says is a food desert. Ron was disillusioned with the lack of fresh produce in the area so he took action to help rectify […]